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Why Specialization Matters in Family Law

  • Feb 15, 2021
  • The Harr Law Firm

Open family law book with glasses set on topWhen someone says that they’re a doctor by profession, one of the first questions many people ask is “What kind?” Because most people recognize that there are many different practice areas in the field of medicine, they know that specialization in an area is essential for any doctor worth their mettle. But far fewer people recognize that practicing law works in much the same way. Specialization is key for any attorney to become skilled in their practice, and just as you wouldn’t want a podiatrist performing your heart surgery, you shouldn’t want a real estate lawyer handling your divorce case. Here’s why specialization is so important in law.

Specialization Requires Proficiency in the Area

Of course, becoming a lawyer at all requires years of study and a thorough understanding of many aspects of the law. However, specialization requires an even deeper understanding of a specific area of practice—the kind of depth that is difficult to acquire if you practice in a different area of the law. In fact, becoming a certified specialist in an area of the law is much like becoming an attorney.

There is a Board of Legal Specialization that controls who can be certified as a family law specialist. To become certified, an attorney must be substantially involved in that area of the law for at least five years, and they must take many hours of continue education courses that are in the area of the law in which they want to specialize. Additionally, they must show a strong ability to practice in that area of specialization, as demonstrated by review from their peers. And finally, they must take a written examination in their desired area of specialization and receive a satisfactory score.

Board-certified specialization is difficult to achieve. And if you find an attorney who specializes in family law, you can rest assured that they’ve been practicing for years, have impressed their peers with their knowledge and expertise, and have handled many cases of varying difficulty.

Narrowing in on Specialty Cases

The Board of Legal Specialization tests proficiency in specific fields of law, with family law being only one of several. Specialization in family law gives an attorney an excellent understanding of all aspects of that area of law. But divorce cases can vary widely in complexity, and the ability to handle a standard divorce case doesn’t necessarily equate to a proficiency in much more complicated divorces.

At the Harr Law Firm, we specialize in high-asset divorces because we recognize just how complex such cases can be. With stock portfolios, businesses, multiple properties, and other such high-asset issues at stake, it’s imperative that your attorney understand how to handle all of these matters. An ability to divide personal assets is very different from an ability to divide business assets fairly and equitably.

Increased Complexity Requires Increased Knowledge

The more complex and specialized your case, the more important it becomes that you find an attorney that has proven experience in handling cases similar to your own. You don’t want an attorney to cut his or her teeth on a high-asset case when it’s your own business at stake.

When selecting an attorney, it’s important to sit down with them and discuss your case, and to ask how many similar cases they have handled in the past. They should be able to confidently discuss their ability to handle the more complicated aspects of your case, whether it’s pertaining to complex child custody issues, division of a business that is in both of your names, or high-value assets that must be handled with care.

Don’t Take a Risk with Your Divorce Case

When you’re going through a divorce, there’s a lot on the line. From your finances to your home and even the time that you spend with your children, it will all be a part of your pending divorce. None of those are things that you should put at risk by putting them in the hands of an attorney who isn’t experienced with handling every aspect of your divorce case.

While every divorce is unique in its own way, working with an attorney who has tried many similar cases will help to ensure that it is handled with care, and that your assets and rights will be protected. If you’re looking for an experienced, specialized attorney to handle your divorce, contact the Harr Law Firm today. Our legal team has tried hundreds of high-asset cases, and we have the expertise that you need. Schedule a consultation today.