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Finding Your New Normal after Divorce

Posted Jan 17, 2020

At Harr Law, we stand by you throughout the divorce process, until everything is finalized. But we know that the finalization of your divorce is far from the end—far from it. We want each of our clients to be able to discover a new, happy life after their divorces, and settle into a new normal. While this can be difficult for many, here are a few tips that may help you to find your new normal after your divorce.

Can You Get Visitation Rights to See Your Ex's Children?

Posted Jan 03, 2020

Oftentimes, one partner in a marriage will have children from a previous relationship. When the two partners are married, the stepparent becomes an integral part of the children’s lives. Oftentimes, the children may view the stepparent with exactly the same frame of mind as they view their biological parent(s). And, in turn, the stepparent considers their stepchildren to be their own. But what happens if the two partners divorce? Can the stepparent receive visitation rights, even though the children are not biologically theirs? Keep reading to learn more.

Understanding How Your Social Media Activity Impacts Your Divorce

Posted Dec 30, 2019

Social media is now an integral part of most people’s everyday lives. It’s become a normal part of our culture to share daily updates, photographs, videos, and simply tell others what you’re thinking and feeling. However, if you’re currently embroiled in a heated divorce, you should take a moment to think twice about the things you post on social media—or refrain from social media usage altogether. Here’s how your social media activity can impact your divorce, and why you should dial down your usage during the proceedings.

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